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Akai GX-280D Магнитофон
Модель: GX-280D
Категория: Аудио, видео, ТВ, мультимедиа
Группа: Магнитофон
Описание: 3 Head 3 Motor Stereo Tape Deck

A UNIQUELY DESIGNED 3-HEAD 3-MOTOR STEREO TAPE DECK ....with worldwide acclaimed Akai robust mechanism. LIFETIME GUARANTEED GLASS & CRYSTAL FERRITE Recording and Playback Heads. Amazing Frequency Response of 30 to 24,000 Hz. Signal to Noise Ratio better than 50 dB OUTSTANDING FEATURES ■ First rate quality 3-motor system. AKAl's exclusive SERVO-CONTROL MOTOR for direct capstan drive and two eddy-current outer-rotor motors for supply and take-up reel drive. ■ Three separate precision heads including GLASS & CRYSTAL FERRITE HEADS for recording and playback. This feature enables monitoring actual sound while recording. Frequency Response from 30 to 24,000 Hz. 88 Direct Function Change Control System. Completely Automatic function change control system for easy and speedy changing of operating modes. Unnesessary to depress Stop Button before changing modes. ■ Built-in Reel Retainers ■ Pause Button with lock. Use for editing tape or for adjustment and balance of optimum recording level when deck is set to recording mode. * Easy SOUND-ON-SOUND operation. A convenient sound-on-sound button is provided for use in language training as well as professional or fun use. ■ Independent Line and Mic for mixing signals from two separate recording sources. ■ With AKAl's Remote Control Unit RC-16 (optional accessory), all operating functions of the Model GX-280D can be remote controlled. ■ S.R.T. Button (For use when using Akai Super Range Tape)

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