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Sanyo TS4232 Кондиционеры
Модель: TS4232
Дата: 2003
Категория: Главная Электроника
Группа: Кондиционеры
Описание: Split System Air Conditioner

These air conditioners are equipped with cooling function. Details on this function are provided below; refer to these descriptions when using the Air Conditioner. • Microprocessor Controlled Operation The interior compartment of the remote control unit contains several features to facilitate automatic operation, easy logically displayed for easy use. • Simple One-touch Wireless Remote Control The remote control unit has several features to facilitate automatic operation. • 24-hour clock with ON/OFF Program Timer The wireless remote controller allows you to set up a wide variety of time based operations. Such functions include automatic on/off with time settings, same time on/off every day, on timer and off timer. • 1-Hour OFF Timer This timer can be set to automatically turn off the unit at any time after one hour. • Night Setback Pressing this button changes the setting of the room temperature thermostat, allowing you to set the temperature at whatever level that you find comfortable. • Automatic and 3-step Fan Speed Auto/High/Medium/Low • Air Sweep Control This function moves a flap up and down in the air outlet, directing air in a sweeping motion around the room and providing comfort in every corner. • Automatic Restart Function for Power Failure Even when power failure occurs, preset programmed operation can be reactivated once power resumes. • Anti-Mold Filter This unit is equipped with an anti-mold filter that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria.

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Contents Page Features ... 2 Product Information ... 3 Alert Symbols ... 3 Installation Location ... 4 Electrical Requirements ... 4 Safety Instructions ... 4 Names of Parts ... 5 Using the Remote Control Unit ... 11 Operation with the Remote Control Unit ... 13 1. Operation ... 13 2. Adjusting the Fan Speed ... 14 3. Fan Only ... 14 4. Night Setback Mode ... 15 Special Remarks ... 16 Setting the Timer ... 17 Using the 1-Hour OFF Timer ... 19 Adjusting the Airflow Direction ... 20 Operation without the Remote Control Unit ... 20 Care and Cleaning ... 21 Troubleshooting ... 23 Tips for Energy Saving ... 23 Operating Range ... 23


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