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LeCroy 9374L Осциллограф
Модель: 9374L
Дата: 1996
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Осциллограф
Описание: Digital Oscilloscope

1 GHz Bandwidth The 9370 series digital storage Oscilloscope opens up new horizons for engineers and scientists at the leading edge of technological developments. With 1 GHz bandwidth and long acquisition memories, it is now possible to reveal previously hidden waveform details. Narrow glitches are more accurately defined; risetime measurements below 1 nanosecond are more precise; and high-frequency content, filtered out in lower bandwidth systems, is retained, thereby preserving signal amplitudes and overall signal integrity. 2 GS/s Sample Rate The 2- and 4-channel models of the 9370 series sample simultaneously on all channels at 500 MS/s. Thus, they are ideal for demanding high speed applications. In addition, two channels can be combined to provide a sample rate of 1 GS/s. The 9374 provides 2 GS/s in single channel mode. Finer horizontal resolution and accuracy are guaranteed by high sample rates. This is especially critical in digital design where unpredictable circuit behavior has to be identified and analyzed in detail to be fully understood. Together with this excellent single-shot performance the 9370 series also provides a sample rate equivalent to 10 GS/s for repetitive signals. 8M Point Acquisition Memory Channel memory lengths of 50k, 250k, 500k and 2M are available on the 9370 series 2- and 4-channel DSOs. The memory power is revealed when the user seeks to sample at the highest speed over many timebase settings. Short memory DSOs may boast a high sample rate for short waveforms, but only a long memory Oscilloscope can deliver high sample rates for long waveforms. To exploit this capability to its fullest the LeCroy 9370 series combines its channel acquisition memories to give the user up to 8 million sample points, thereby providing the waveform detail required on long and complex signals. The combined capabilities of the 9370 series place it in the forefront of DSO capability.

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