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Keithley 410C Цифровой универсальный измерительный прибор
Модель: 410C
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Цифровой универсальный измерительный прибор

The Keithley model 410 Micro-microammeter is a line operated vacuum tube electrometer designed and constructed especially for measuring small currents. Full scale ranges are from 10⁻³ to 3 x 10⁻¹³ ampere, The features include full-scale voltage drop at the lnptit of less than five millivolts, zero drift of less than 2% of full scale in eight hours, good accuracy and calibration stability, and simplicity of operation. It also has an output which will drive a O-l or 0-5 milliampere recorder as well as the numerous potentiometer - rebalance recorders; one output terminal is at ground, making it convenient to connect cathode ray oscilloscopes or pen-driving amplifiers, similar to the Brush and Sanborn equipment. The major panel controls are the range switch (amperes fullscale) and the zero. Minor controls are the Zero Check, used to short circuit the input and in setting the zero, Meter Polarity Tar providing up-scale readings for currents flowing in either direction, and an ON-OFF power switch. The mater dial is illuminated, and these bulbs serve as the pilot light. The Keithley Model 41OC is identical to the model 410, except that the panel meter is provided with contacts which can be set to close at any predetermined meter pointer deflection. The delicate contacts of the meter operate a relay in the 410~7, and the relay contacts (SPDL') are available for external switching functions through an AN connector on the rear of the chassis.

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