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Keithley 244 Источник питания
Модель: 244
Дата: 1977
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Источник питания

GENERAL. The model 244 is a negative-polarity high-voltage supply that provides accurate, stable outpote from -200 to -2200 volts d-c at up to 10 ,,$. "l~Xi"l"Ul. 1-2. FEATURES. a. In-line Calibrated Dials.- Two dials set the output voltage in 200 and ZO-volt steps. Trim Control permits interpolation between ZO-volt setting, with 100 millivolt resolution. b. Overload Protection.- Repeated or continuous overloads will not damage the instr,m,ent. Protection circuit limits the oucput current to less than 13 milliamperes with automatic recovery when overload is removed. c. Stability.- Solid-state design, stable range resistors, and selected zener diode provide voltage stability of +0.005% for B-hour periods after onehour warm-up. d. Model 2441 Overload Protection Option.- A,, optional protection circuit is available (on special order) which can be used to limit the current of the model 244 when monitored by e Keithley picoammeter such es the Model 414A.

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SPECIFIC.4TIONS ... iv 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. ... 1 2. OPERATION. ... 4 3. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION. ... 6 4. Accessories ... 8 5. REPLACEABLE PARTS. ... 13 6. CALIBRATION ... 19 SCHEMATICS ... 25


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