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Canon Canoscan N1220U Сканер
Модель: Canoscan N1220U
Дата: 2000
Категория: Компьютерное оборудование
Группа: Сканер

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Ручной тип: Руководство по техническому обслуживанию Canon-1444-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страниц: 110
Размер: 1.29 Mbytes (1356187 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Редакция: Rev. 0
Руководство ID/номер: JY8-1317-00Z
Дата: Июнь 2000
Качество: Электронный документ, ни сканирование, очень хорошо читается.
Дата загрузки:
MD5: aa897ac589896b2fdd2c1a531f6076bb
Загрузки: 1580 начиная с 20 Февраль 2009

LIST OF SERIAL NUMBER Canoscan N650U F91-4611-200 AZJ000001- F91-4631-200 CZJ000001- F91-4641-200 DZJ000001- F91-4661-200 FZJ000001- F91-4671-200 LZJ000001- F91-4681-200 JZJ000001- F91-4691-200 KZJ000001- Canoscan N656U F91-4612-200 AZK000001- F91-4622-200 MZK000001- F91-4632-200 CZK000001- F91-4642-200 DZK000001- F91-4662-200 FZK000001- F91-4672-200 LZK000001- F91-4682-200 JZK000001- F91-4692-200 KZK000001- Canoscan N1220U F91-4712-200 AZL000001- F91-4722-200 MZL000001- F91-4732-200 CZL000001- F91-4742-200 DZL000001- F91-4762-200 FZL000001- F91-4772-200 LZL000001- F91-4782-200 JZL000001- F91-4792-200 KZL000001- This service manual contains the basic information necessary for servicing the N650U/N656U/ N1220U image scanners. The service manual consists of the following chapters. Chapter 1: General Descriptions Features, specifications, exterior features, installation, customer’s daily maintenance Chapter 2: Operation and Timing Basic operation, optical system, image processing system, control system, power supply Chapter 3: Mechanical System Externals, drive system, optical system, electrical system Chapter 4: Maintenance and Servicing Periodical replacement parts, consumable parts durability, periodical servicing, special tools, solvents and lubricants Chapter 5: Troubleshooting Introduction, troubleshooting, location of electrical parts, Canon Scanner test Chapter 6: Parts Catalog Appendix: General Circuit Diagram, Main PCB Circuit Diagram, USB Connector PCB Circuit Diagram The information in this service manual is subject to change as the product is improved. All relevant information in such cases will be provided by the service information bulletins. A thorough understanding of the N650U/N656U/N1220U, based on the service manual and service information bulletins, is vital to the serviceman in maintaining the product quality and performance, and in locating and repairing the cause of malfunctions.


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