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Xerox 8825 Принтер
Модель: 8825
Дата: 2002
Категория: Компьютерное оборудование
Группа: Принтер

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Ручной тип: Руководство по техническому обслуживанию Xerox-12794-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страниц: 396
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Язык: английский
Руководство ID/номер: 701P15051
Дата: 01 Январь 2002
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This manual consists of eight sections. The title and description of each section are listed below. Section 1. - Service Call Procedures This section contains the following: • Call Flow Procedure • Initial Actions/ System Checks • Print Defect Isolation Procedure • Workstation Checkout Procedure • Status Code Entry Chart • Message Display Entry Chart • Maintenance Procedures • Callback • System Checkout/ Final Action Call Flow Procedure The Call Flow Procedure is a list of activities to be performed on each service call. Initial Actions/ System Checks This procedure is designed to identify and classify the problem and to refer you to the appropri- ate RAP in order to repair the problem. When the problem has been repaired, perform the Final Action. Print Defect Isolation Procedure This procedure directs the CSE to make test prints, perform test procedures to identify the cause of a print defect. Workstation Checkout Procedure This procedure is designed to ensure that the Printer is correctly set up to run and communi- cate with other elements. It consists of a series of connection checks, configuration test prints, PING tests, and tests made from a laptop PC. Status Code Entry Chart This table provides a list of status codes, a description of the problem, the components that are affected, RAPs that may resolve the problem, as well as BSD references and Parts List ref- erences. Message Display Entry Chart This table contains a list of messages that may be generated by the printer, their cause, clear- ance procedures, and BSD references. Maintenance Procedures The Maintenance Procedures identifies functional checks and cleaning operations that must be performed on every Normal Call. It also identifies those activities that can be performed as needed or as scheduled. Callback This service is performed when the CSE has been called back to correct a problem that was thought to have been recently corrected. The Callback is a short procedure performed on only that subsystem that caused the original service cal System Checkout / Final Action This procedure is used to verify that the Printer is operating correctly after a repair, and that the correct steps are taken to close out a service call. Section 2. - Repair Analysis Procedures (RAPs) This section contains the Repair Analysis Procedures (RAPs) necessary to repair the faults. When using a RAP, always exit the procedure when the fault is fixed. Do not perform the remaining steps. Section 3. - Image Quality Repair Analysis Procedures (RAPs) This section contains the Repair Analysis Procedures (RAPs) necessary to repair the image quality faults. Refer to "How to Use the Image Defect Definitions" to compare the image defect to the definitions. Once you have determined the definition that best describes the defect, go to the section contents page to find the appropriate RAP. When using a RAP, always exit the pro- cedure when the fault is fixed. Do not perform the remaining steps. Section 4. - Repair / Adjustment This section contains the repair and adjustment procedures for the 8825/8830 printers. Section 5. - Parts List This section contains the detailed Parts List for the 8825/8830 printers. Section 6. - General Procedures This section contains Diagnostic Procedures, Installation Procedures, and General Informa- tion, which includes Product Specifications for the 8825/8830 printers. Section 7. - Wiring Data This section contains the BSDs.


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