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Allen & Heath S6-2 Смеситель
Allen & Heath
Модель: S6-2
Категория: Профессиональное музыкальное оборудование
Группа: Смеситель
Описание: Broadcast Production Mixer

The S6-2 Mixer has been designed to produce broadcast quality stereo master tapes with the minimum of source signal degradation and with every ergonomic consideration taken into account. For these reasons the unit is also suitable for live mixing in such applications as audio visual presentations and discotheques.

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KEY FEATURES; Full V4 MIDI automation of channel, monitor and effects return mutes, using silent FET switching, 16-8-2 or 24-8-2 in-line formats, 8 groups, normalled to channel outputs 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, Up to 5 6 inputs with EQ available for mixdown, In-line monitoring, Channel direct-to-tape switches allowing up to 24 tracks to be recorded simultaneously, Separate EQ for channel and monitor paths, with EQ on switch, 6 aux busses providing effects and cue sends, Dedicated stereo cue monitor output, 4 stereo effects returns with EQ, cue sends, and routing to all outputs, Monitoring and record source switching for two 2-track mastering machines, Dedicated stereo control room monitor output with switching for 2 pairs of loudspeakers, LED bargraph metering, and separate channel peak LEDs, Inserts on channels, groups and stereo mix, Comprehensive monitor and talkback facilities, 2 frequency line-up oscillator, Superior audio performance, 100mm faders and quality components used throughout, Engineered for reliability. 16 channel version may be expanded to 2 4 channels.


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