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Solartron AS1416 Источник питания
Модель: AS1416
Дата: 1967
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Источник питания

1410 series is a range of high-performance transistor Power supply units of similar performance characteristics, differing only in output rating. They are capable of operation in the constant voltage or constant current mode, and are controlled by fast-acting electronic circuits which not only afford short-circuit protection for the power units themselves, but also minimise the possibility of damage to any equipment powered by the units, External voltage sensing, voltage and current programming, and mode indication facilities are provided. The mechanical design has been standardised on a common height and depth, arid the widths of the individual units made a sub- division of the working width of a standard 19»inch rack, All units are available in bench or rack-mounting form, and can also be supplied as twin units.

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