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Hameg HM 1005 Осциллограф
Модель: HM 1005
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Осциллограф
Описание: 100MHz Oscilloscope

HM 1005 The 100 MHz Standard for professionals The HM 1005 is a multi-function Oscilloscope loaded with features such as true 3-channel operation, a genuine second time base, and even a separate second trigger facility. Up to 6 traces can be displayed for evaluating waveform relationships by using the alternating time base mode and all three input channels. In this configuration, the normal signal is displayed together with the expanded signal section. The second trigger facility, with its own separate slope and level control, provides for the stable viewing of normally troublesome asynchronous signal components. The main time base trigger circuit is designed to provide reliable triggering to greater than 130 MHz, at signal levels as low as 1 division. A user-selectable x10 magnifier extends the maximum sweep range to 5 ns/division. An active TV Sync Separator extracts clean field and line sync, pulses to ensure a high degree of display stability when viewing composite video signals. The built-in delay line permits viewing of the trigger edge at all times. The overscan feature indicates if any part of the trace passes beyond the vertical limits of the CRT screen. An analog Y-output, switchable to Channel I or II, allows further external processing of the signal. Another new feature on the HM 1005 is the easy-to-read 3-digit LED delay time multiplier for accurate measurements. As is the case with several Hameg oscilloscopes, the HM 1005 also has a built-in switchable 1 kHz /1 MHz Calibrator with a Sharp <5 ns risetime output. This feature is necessary in high bandwidth oscilloscopes so that the probes can be correctly matched and compensated to ensure faithful reproduction of the input signals. This is especially true when viewing pulses and other high frequency signals. The Calibrator is also useful for performing checks of the instrument's transient response characteristics from Probe tip to CRT screen The HM1005 offers the right combination of triggering control, frequency response and time base versatility, to facilitate measurements in every environment from the laboratory to field service. It is yet another example of HAMEG's dedication to engineering excellence.

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Technical Data ... P 1 Operating Instructions General information ... M 1 Use of tilt handle ... M 1 Safety ... M 1 Operating Conditions ... M2 Warranty ... M2 Maintenance ... M2 Mains/Line Voltage Change ... M2 Type of Signal ... M3 Amplitude Measurements ... M3 Time Measurements ... M 4 Connection of Test Signal ... M 5 Operating ... M 6 First Time Operation ... M 7 Trace Rotation TR ... M 7 Use and Compensation of Probes ... M 7 Operating Modes of the Y Amplifier ... M 9 X-Y Operation ... M 9 Y Overscanning Indication ... M 9 Triggering and Timebase A ... M10 Triggering of Video Signals ... M11 Hold Off ... M11 Single Sweep Operation ... M11 Trigger Indicator ... M12 Timebase B (DEL. TB) ... M12 Miscellaneous (Sawtooth Output, Z Modulation) ... M13 (Y Output, Scale Illumination) ... M13 Applications Amplitude Measurement ... A 1 Time Measurement ... A 1 XY Phase Measurement ... A 1 Dual Trace Phase Measurement ... A 2 Measurement of an Amplitude Modulation ... A 2 Short Instruction ... K 1 Front Panel Elements Folder with Front View ... K 2 Test Instructions General ... T 1 Cathode Ray Tube: Brightness, Focus, Linearity, Raster Distortions . . T 1 Astigmatism Check ... T 1 Symmetry and Drift of the Vertical Amplifier . . . . T 1 Calibration of the Vertical Amplifier ... T 1 Transmission Performance of the Vertical Amplifier ... T 2 Operating Modes: CH I/ll, DUAL, ADD, CHOP., INV. II, X-Y Operation . T 2 Triggering Checks ... T 3 Timebase A ... T 3 Timebase B ... T4 Trace Alignment ... T 4 Miscellaneous ... T 4 General, Instrument Case Removal ... S 1 Operating Voltages, Minimum Brightness ... S 1 Astigmatism Control ... S 1 Trouble-Shooting the Instrument ... S 2 Replacement of Components and Parts ... S 2 Replacement of the Power Transformer ... S 2 Adjustments ... S3 Circuit Diagrams Block Diagram ... D 1 Y Input, Attenuator, Preamplifier CH I/ll ... D 2 Y Input, Preamplifier CH III ... D 3 Y Intermediate Amplifier, Trigger Amplifier ... D 4 Trigger Logic, Y Channel Switching ... D 5 Triggering ... D 6 Y Final Amplifier ... D 7 Timebase Generator ... D 8 Trigger Comparators, Timebase ... D 9 X Final Amplifier ... D10 Delay Pos. (Digital Display) ... D11 Power Supply, Calibrator ... D12 CRT Circuit, Unblanking, HV Supply ... D13 Component Locations Input Amplifier CH I/ll ... D14 SY-Board ... D14 XY Board ... D15 TB Board ... D16 YF Board ... D17 DEL Board ... D17 Cal Board ... D17 EY Board (Channel III) ... D17 CRT Board ... D17 Z Board ... D18 FL Board ... D18 TR Board ... D18


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