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Krohn-Hite Corporation 526 Калибратор
Krohn-Hite Corporation
Модель: 526
Дата: 2013
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Калибратор
Описание: DC Source/Calibrator
                                    DC Source/Calibrator
 Voltage Range: ±100nV to ±110V, 4 Ranges
with Full Carry and Borrow for each Decade
 Current Range: ±10nA to ±110mA, 2 Ranges
with Full Carry and Borrow for each Decade
 Resolution: 1ppm
 Accuracy: 1 year, 20ppm.
 Stability (24 hrs): 3ppm
 Settling Time: 2ms
 Compliance Voltage: 100V
 Settable Voltage and Current Limits
 Pass thru Zero Operation
 “Crowbar” Zero Reference
 Local and GPIB/Optional LAN Remote Control
 Replaces the Analogic Model 8200

The Krohn-Hite Model 526 Precision DC Voltage/Current
Source/Calibrator is a highly stable and repeatable DC
voltage source and DC current source providing N.I.S.T.
traceable voltages and currents for use in production,
calibration labs, QA and QC departments, design labs, or
any place where an accurate voltage and current source is

The 526 provides accurate voltages from ±100nVdc to
±111.1110Vdc to within 20ppm for 1 year, and precise
currents from ±10nA to ±111.1110mA to within 50ppm for 1
year. It is an extremely quiet source with <12μVrms of noise
measured over a 10Hz to 100kHz bandwidth.

Microprocessor assisted decade control allows for continual
use of one decade with full carry and borrow capability to
and from all more significant decades for easier use and
convenient manual operation. Monotonic and linear A/D
measurements can be made at any resolution using only
one decade control.

A user friendly 2-line 40 character display and six front panel
decade switches with full carry and borrow allow for fast
accurate voltage and current settings. Output settings can
be modified using the front panel decade switches and the
range keys. Output 2-wire, 4-wire are accomplished with
one keystroke or over GPIB/LAN. A crowbar function
places the output in a safe mode when desired. The 526
output can be set to 0 volts, allowing the output sense to
maintain a true 4-wire low impedance output.

The 526 provides four voltage ranges of 100mV, 1V, 10V
and 100V with a resolution of 100nV, 1μV, 10μV and 100μV
respectively. Two current ranges provide 10mA and 100mA
with a resolution of 10nA and 100nA respectively.

Up to 32 storage output settings are provided with the 526,
that can be recalled at any time.

Selecting voltage and current limits to prevent users from
damaging sensitive circuitry or devices under test may be
set from the front panel as well as a hardware compliance
voltage limit of 120V, 36V, 26V or 16V.

The 526 is well suited for a variety of applications such as:
the design, check and calibration of high speed, high
resolution A/D converters; design and certification of high
speed data logging and process control systems; calibration
of digital voltmeters and multimeters; as an “IMBEDDED
STANDARD” and/or simulator; design, testing, simulation
and certification of thermocouples, strain gages and
transducer instrumentation. It is also a replacement for the
Analogic Model 8200.

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