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Analogic 2045 Генератор
Модель: 2045
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Генератор
Описание: Polynomial Waveform Synthesizer

The model 2045 arbitrary waveform Generator from Data Precision brings a new realm of capabilities to the waveform synthesis field. A maximum clock rate of 800MHz, waveform resolution to 8 bits and waveform memory of S12K points makes the 2045 suitable for a variety of applications. Waveform Outputs The 2045 has both a high level and a low level output. The high (A) level (5.0V p-p into 50 ohms, 10.0V p-p into infinite load) output has attenuator and user adjustable offset circuits and a bandwidth which is typically 200MHz. The low (B) level (1.0V p-p into 50 ohms, 2.0V p-p into infinite load) output has a simpler output stage without the attenuator or offset circuits, but with a wider bandwidth, typically 1GHz.

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A ... Introduction B ... The Instrument C ... Operation (OP) Codes D ... Standard Function Modes E ... Polynomial (Arbitrary Waveform) Mode F ... Modified Mode G ... Remote Programming and Control H ... Remote Mnemonics I ... Scope Draw J ... Tablet Draw K ... Upload/Download L ... Recovery from Errors M ... Specifications General Index


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