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AOR Ltd. AR2800 Приемник
AOR Ltd.
Модель: AR2800
Дата: 1991
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Приемник
Описание: Multi-purpose Monitor Receiver
                                    This AOR wide band scanning receiver is renowned for it's
high standards of performance and range of facilities.
Although offering a long list of facilities and operating
modes, the receiver remains reasonably easy to operate. The
display often provides ‘prompts' for selected operations
such as a flashing "CH" to invite you to key in a new memory
channel number.

The receiver has an exceptionally wide frequency coverage
from 500kHz to 600MHz then from 800MHz to 1300MHz
(1.3GHz!!!). The modes available are AM, FM (narrow), FM
(wide) and SSB (USB, LSB, CW) when using the Beat Frequency
Oscillator (BFO). All available modes may be selected at any
frequency within the receiver's coverage.

Although carefully designed, this receiver (like all
receivers) suffers from a degree of internal noises known as
spurii. They are a product of the receivers circuity and do
not represent a fault.

All information such as frequency, mode, channel, etcetera
is presented in an easy to see Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
The display is provided with a lamp to increase visibility.

The aerial connection is of the standard BNC type allowing
straight forward connection to almost any aerial. There is
also a 20dB attenuator selectable from the front panel to
increase versatility especially when listening to shortwave.

There is a massive EEPROM storage (no batteries required) of
1000 memories held as 10 banks of 100 also there are 10
additional programmable search banks. Each memory will store
frequency and mode, the search bands will also store the
increment. Memories and search bands may be ‘locked out' for
the days when you don’t want to listen to something you have
previously programmed.

In search mode, you may lock out up to 1000 continuously
occupied frequencies (100 In each of the 10 search bands) so
that the frequency is skipped when next scanned. Although
the search bands are pre-programmed at the factory, they may
be easily re programmed from the keypad by the user.

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