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Drake MN-2000 Другой
Модель: MN-2000
Дата: 1975
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Другой
Описание: Matching Network
                                    The MN-2Ü0Ü is a wide range, impedance-matching network with
a built-in calibrated directional wattmeter and an antenna,
switching arrangement. It is a versatile '‘tool” which
allows the maximum transfer of power to an antenna system.
The MN—2000 impedance-matching network has the following

a.	Measures feedline VSWR, then reduces the VSWR to 1:1 at
the transmitter output.

b.	Monitors transmitter power output in Watts directly and

c.	Attenuates 2nd harmonic output from transmitter by 25 to
35 dB; thus it may eliminate the need for a low-pass TVI filter.

d.	Matches an antenna to a transmitter having fixed loading.

e.	Provides optimum match with multiband antennas.

f.	Precisely matches the transmitter to an antenna across a
complete amateur band.

g.	Permits “off the air’' transmitter tuning and antenna
matching at low power using a dummy load.

h.	Eliminates reloading the transmitter when switching from
“barefoot.” to linear amplifier operation as the antenna
load can always, he 50 Ohms.

]. Matches the transmitter output to a linear amplifier
which does not have 50 Ohm input impedance.

j. Helps localize trouble by comparing the Transmitter
output into the antenna and into a dummy load.

k. Provides switching for up to three separate antennas or
two antennas and a dummy load.

I. Can be switched in or out with front panel control. Front
panel controls arc provided Cot the adjustment of resistive
and reactive tuning and VSWR calibration, bandswitchiug.
selection of Watts ur VSWR functions of (he meter, and
antenna or dummy load switching. The rear panel has a ground
post and four type SO-23V connectors, one for input, two for
outputs to antennas, and one for an alternate antenna or
dummy load. The metering circuit employs two type 1N295
rectifiers. Frequencies outside the amateur bands can he
matched, with some reduction in the impedance range. For
highly resistive loads. VSWR well in excess of 5:1 can be

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