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Combinova EFM 200 Измеритель уровня
Модель: EFM 200
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Измеритель уровня
Описание: Electric Field Meter

Electric Field Meter 200 is a professional instrument to measure electrostatic and alternating electric fields. The instrument has a wide dynamic range with automatic gain setting. Electrostatic field measurements are made using a built-in field mill Probe. Alternating electric fields are measured using a special Probe. Two different frequency ranges are available; ELF (5-2,000Hz) and VLF (2-400kHz). The instrument is powered by a built-in chargeable sealed lead-acid battery. The built-in communication Interface (RS232) can be used to transfer stored results to a Printer or a computer. The options available with the instrument are: » Fiberoptic Interface kit for remote control operation. » Probe to check instrument calibration. The electronics in the instrument comprise analog amplifiers, a microcomputer with communication peripherals and an alphanumerical LCD-display with back light. A built-in clock and calendar is used in the data logging measurement modes.

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Section 1 - INTRODUCTION Electric Field Measurements with EFM 200 The Instrument - EFM 200 Using the EFM 200 Combinova AB - The Company Behind the Product Section 2 - UNPACKING AND INSPECTION Unpacking Inspection Checking the Battery Voltage Section 3 - OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS General Operation Measurements Data Retrieve Print Check Mode Parameters Calibration Test Battery Charging Section 4 - TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION General Field Measurement Principles Printing with the EFM 200 Fiber Optic Remote Operation Fiber Adapter 10 Section 5 - SPECIFICATIONS Section 6 - ERROR CODES Instrument Errors Measurement Errors Data Retrieve Errors Print Errors


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