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Cornell Dubilier Electronics BF-50 Analyzer
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Модель: BF-50
Дата: 1939
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Analyzer
Описание: Capacitor Analyzer

MODEL BF-50 CAPACITOR Analyzer quickly and accurately measures all the important characteristics of all types of capacitors. It detects defective capacitors such as open and short-circuited, intermittent operation, High ans low capacity, high leakage and power factor of electrolytic capacitors, and paper or mica”capacitors with low insulation resistance. It may also be used to measure the capacity between wires and cables, shielded_ wire, circuit continuity, and insulation resistance between coil windings, insulation, etc. Capacity and power factor measurements are made on a Wien bridge which is connected to an Amplifier for high sensitivity adjustment. The balance condition of the bridge is indicated by a visual eye detector. The measurements are independent of line voltage variation and can be made with far greater accuracy than most meter type instruments. Leakage and insulation resistance measurements are made by means of an adjustable D. C. Power supply with the visual eye indicating the degree of quality of the capacitor under test. A 12A7 tube is used as a rectifier and Amplifier, and a 6E5 eye tube is used for the bridge detector and leakage indicator.

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