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Cornell Dubilier Electronics AR-33 Антенна
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Модель: AR-33
Дата: 1976
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Антенна
Описание: Autorotor

The Cornell-Dubilier Model AR-33 Autorotor Rotor is designed to support and rotate the largest television antennae. The AR-33 is not intended for large Ham beams. For extremely windy areas or large beams, the CDE Ham-M rotor is recommended.. The AR-33 is rated to support a dead vertical weight of 150 pounds, has 500 inch pounds of motor stall torque, and resists an overturning moment of approximately 4000 inch pounds without guying. Rotation is controlled within two degrees accuracy. The rotor is lubricated for long fife and will operate suitably at minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is shipped from the factory set at the end of rotation in full "North" counter-clockwise position (looking down at top of rotor). Note that the rotor mast clamps are reversible thus allowing clamping to large diameter (up to 2") or small diameter (down to 7/8") masts. The lower mast support, which is shipped unmounted, is not used when the rotor is mounted in a tower. Standard five-wire rotor control cable is available from any electronics supply house. The following wire sizes are recommended:

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