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Tektronix 533A Осциллограф
Модель: 533A
Дата: 1961
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Осциллограф

General The Tektronix Type 533/533A Oscilloscopes are general purpose instruments well suited to laboratory use. Plug-In preamplifiers are used in the vertical-deflection system, permitting the instruments to be used in many specialized applications, including, among others, wide band, Dual trace, low level, differential, maximum frequency response and risetime, and transistor risetime checking. Specifications listed below apply to both the Type 533 and Type 533A, except in cases that are otherwise noted. Vertical Deflection System All specifications for the Vertical Deflection System of the Type 533 and 533A Oscilloscopes depend upon the Plug-In unit used with the instrument. The following specifications are given assuming that a Type K Plug-In unit is used. Bandpass — DC to 15 me (down 3 dB :±y2 dB at 15 me). Risetime — .024 microseconds. Delay Line — Balanced network Signal Delay-—0.2 /¿sec. Horizontal Deflection System Triggering Modes—Type 533, Automatic, AC Fast, AC Slow, DC and High Frequency Sync. Type 533A, Automatic, AC Low Frequency Reject, AC, DC and High Frequency Sync. Triggering Signal Requirements Internal—a signal producing 2 mm of vertical deflection except 4 mm in automatic and DC modes. External—a signal of .2 volts to 10 volts, peak to peak. (The sweep will trigger on larger signals, but the TRIGGERING LEVEL control operates over a ± 10 volt range.) Automatic mode requires 0.4 V. Triggering Frequency Range—-triggered operation to 5 me. Synchronizing Signal Requirements Internal—-a signal producing 2cm of vertical deflection. External—a signal of 2 volts. Synchronizing Frequency Range — synchronized operation 5 me to 30 me. Sweep Rates Twenty-four position switch provides calibrated sweep rates from .1 /¿sec/cm to 5 sec/cm. Accuracy typically within 1% of full scale; in all cases within 3% of full scale. Continuously variable sweep rates are available from .1 /¿sec/cm to 12 sec/.cm Magnifier Six degrees of sweep magnification are provided; 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 times. Accuracy within 5% when the magnified sweep does not exceed the maximum calibrated rate of 0.02 microseconds/cm.

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