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Orion Research Incorporated 701A Измеритель уровня
Orion Research Incorporated
Модель: 701A
Дата: 1983
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Измеритель уровня
Описание: digital pH/mV meter

The Model 701A digital pH/mV meter is the ideal meter for all research and precision measurements with pH and chemical sensing electrodes. In both the absolute and relative mV modes, the meter covers a range of ± 1999.9mVwith ±0.1 mV precision. The relative mV scale has a calibration potential of ± 200 mV. For pH measurements the meter offers a 0.01 pH scale with ±0.01 pH relative accuracy and a 0.001 pH scale with ±0.001 pH relative accuracy. The 701A has a bright, long lasting LED display with automatic sign indication that eliminates interpolation and reading errors. It has an analog recorder output with span control and a parallel BCD digital output which permits the 701A to be used with compatible digital printers. A 10µA current is available for Karl Fischer titrations. Circuitry in the 701A is completely solid state, and the meter features high In- put impedance along with extremely low drift. Operation of this versatile research tool Is simple. We suggest that you read the entire instruction manual before attempting operation. This will familiarize you with the meter's controls and outputs, as well as give you an Idea of the meter's potential uses.

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Introduction Instrument description front panel - rear panel setup and checkout pH measurements general technique - single-buffer standardization - two-buffer standardization - temperature compensation - recalibration potentiometric measurements general technique - direct measurement - recalibration - polarized electrode filtrations - total concentration by addition and subtraction methods - known addition - analate addition - analate subtraction - known subtraction data recording strip-chart reading - digital recording use with ORION Accessories use with ATC Probe - use with 605 manual electrode switch - use with 951 digital Printer troubleshooting warranty and service information appendix notice of compliance accessories specifications


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