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Philips PRP73 Приемопередатчик
Модель: PRP73
Дата: 1992
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Приемопередатчик
Описание: VHF/UHF Portable Radio

The PRP73 is a range of advanced portable transceivers designed for use in handheld and bodyworn applications. It provides a range of features including CTCSS, DTMF and Selcall signalling, channel scanning and voting, Dual watch and password protection. The Transceiver is powered from a rechargeable battery unit, which attaches to and forms part of the equipment. The battery may either be removed for charging, or charged whilst attached to the equipment, allowing the Transceiver to remain operational. In addition to the standard battery, two Other sizes of battery are available, a lightweight version and a high capacity battery, for different duty cycles than those provided by the standard battery. Two versions of the PRP73 are available, a keypad version and a standard version. The standard version has six function keys on the front panel, two function keys on the side and a 2 x 12 character display. Two rotary controls are provided on the top of the unit for volume control and programmable selection. The function keys are also programmable. The keypad version comprises all the functions and facilities of the standard equipment, with the addition of a 12-key numeric keypad. Operation of the PRP73 is controlled by the settings of various software parameters. The operating parameters are stored as data in E2PROM and this data may be programmed into the Transceiver using an external data programmer, allowing the PRP73 to be customised to the requirements of a particular user. Calibration data for the Radio PCB is stored in a separate E2PROM on that PCB, thus allowing the Radio PCB to work with any Control PCB. Details of how to programme the Transceiver are given in the PRP70 Data Programmer User Guide (Publication Ref. TP1807).

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Level 3 Service Manual PRELIMINARIES Page Product Support Policy SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION (i) Introduction 1.1 Summary of Data 1.2 Associated Equipments 1.3 Ancillary Items 1.4 Equipment Variations 1.4 CTCSS Tone Frequencies 1.5 Selcall Tone Frequencies SECTION 2 COMMISSIONING 1.5 — Unpacking 2.1 Commissioning 2.1 LCD Display 2.5 Keypad 2.7 LED 2.7 Application Packages SECTION 3 TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION 2.7 Introduction , 3.1 Radio PCB Description 3.1 Analogue Power Supplies 3.2 Frequency Generation 3.3 Transmitter 3.4 Receiver 3.5 Calibration Memory 3.6 Control PCB Description 3.7 Power Supply and On/Off Control 3.7 Processor Control System 3.9 — Display and Keypads 3.13 Audio Processing 3.13 Signalling Options 3.14 DTMF 3.14 CTCSS 3.15 Toneburst 3.15 Facility Socket Interface 3.15 IC3 3.16 IC2 Pin Functions 3.16 IC3 Pin Functions 3.18 IC401 Pin Functions SECTION 4 SERVICING 3.19 Dis-assembly 4.1 Re-assembly 4.2 Test Information, Equipment and Data 4.2 Radio Test Interface Unit 9525 701 54008 (TIU) 4.5 Dummy Battery 4.7 SECTION 4 SERVICING (CONT’D.) Page e2prom 4.8 Initialization 4.8 Receiver Tests 4.8 Transmitter Tests 4.10 Sellcall and DTMF Checks 4.11 CTCSS Option Tests 4.11 Aligning a Transceiver Using a Programmer 4.12 Programming Lead 4.15 SECTION 5 PARTS LIST Notation 5.1 Ordering of Spare Parts 5.1 Abbreviations 5.1 Parts List 5.2 SECTION 6 DIAGRAMS See List of Illustrations ---- APPENDIX A BATTERY CHARGERS Introduction A.1 Specification A.2 Installation A.2 Operation A.5 Service A.5 Circuit Description A.5 Alignment Method A.7 Test Procedure A.8 Test Battery A.10 Parts List A.11 APPENDIX B LOUDSPEAKER/MICROPHONE Introduction B.1 Test Procedure B.2 Parts List B.3 — APPENDIX C PRX7002 VEHICLE CHARGING UNIT (VCU) FOR STANDARD AND HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY PACKS Introduction C.1 Installation C.1 Operation C.1 Basic Fault Diagnosis C.2 Circuit Description C.2 Use With Lightweight Battery Packs C.3 Test Procedure C.3 Parts List C.5 APPENDIX D FACTORY MUTUAL VARIANTS Introduction D.1 Equipment Variations D.2 Accessories D.3 Transceiver Servicing D.4 Parts List D.4


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