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Power Resistor Decade 240-C
Power Resistor Decade


A must in electronic and electrical work.. . when dealing with known or unknown resistances ... selected or determined under active operational conditions. Now available in “box” or rack-mounted versions. The Power Resistor Decades provide a power resistor of any required ohmage from 1 to 999,999 ohms in Í ohm increments. The ohmage is selected or determined by six front panel dials, and the value is read directly—in sequence—from the dials, thereby simplifying the selection of known or unknown resistances for use in working circuits. There is no instrument available comparable to Clarostat Power Resistor Decades. They are exclusive Clarostat developments and products. For years the bench version, Model 240-C, has been standard equipment in laboratories, engineering departments, plants, for maintenance and service personnel, schools and other users requiring accurate resistance determinations under load conditions. Now, it is available as a rack mounted unit, Model 250, for the convenience of those desiring a more permanent installation. GENERAL APPLICATION Power Resistor Decades are used whenever accurate steps of resistance values between 1 and 999,999 ohms are required —either predetermined or by “closing in”. Such a capability is often required in such applications as: Calibrations Testing procedures Bridge circuits Experimental work of all types Instead of lengthy mathematical calculations often followed by “experimentation” for best results, the Power Resistor Decades permit the trying out of a wide range of resistance values until the best performance is obtained—then the reading is taken directly off the dials. If the desired resistance value is already known, and a resistor of that value is required for given circuit or operating conditions, it is immediately obtainable by simply dialing to that ohmage. —No need to stock a large amount of power resistors. —No need to order various resistors and wait for delivery. —No need to crank out cumbersome formulas. —Power Resistor decades provide a permanent source of resistors in exactly the right value. OPERATION THe Power Resistor Decades are identically operated. Each consists of six resistance decades. Each decade is marked (e.g. X-l, X-10, X-100, etc.) to indicate its contributory ohmage. Thus, the extreme right-hand dial, X-l, supplies from 1 to 9 ohms, the next dial adds to 10 to 90 ohms, the next dial 100 to 900 ohms, and so on. Each dial is numbered from 1 to 9, so that to obtain total ohmages the readings are read directly from left to right—obtaining such readings as 278, 304 ohms or any value up to 999,999. For Known Resistances Set the dial knobs to the desired resistance value. For ex- 9 Provides any ohmage value, in l*ohm increments, from ? to 999,999 ohms « Determines known or unknown resistance vaiees by simply dialing • Available in bench or rack mounting versions • Power ratings to 22$ watts max at 1000 volts max • Six decades for quick setting and direct readout • Used in actual circuits and under "live" conditions • Two sets of terminals taking banana*plug, spade~iug or plain wire connections • Adequate ventilation with grill and louvers ample: 561,231 ohms, set the dial farthest to the left to 5, the next one to 6, the next to 1—and so on. For Unknown Resistances To select an unknown resistance—such as for a load resistance in a power supply, set all dials to 9 then connect your leads (Caution: do not exceed 1000 volts across terminals or the current rating of each decade—see current rating section.) You now have 999,999 ohms in the circuit. With suitable meters connected in the circuit, you can reduce the resistance until the desired voltage and current are obtained. All switches are of the shorting type to maintain resistance in the circuit when switching. HANDY CONNECTIONS The instrument is supplied with a pair of terminals on each side. The top terminal of each pair is common, and so is the bottom terminal of each pair—so that connections can be made at either end of the instrument. Binding posts accommodate wire-lead, spade-lug or banana-plug connections. Model 250 has two sets of identical terminals, current and resistance terminals provide front and rear hookup.

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