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Amplifier Research 200L M5 Усилитель
Amplifier Research
Модель: 200L M5
Дата: 1983
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Усилитель

The Modal 200L is a self-contained, air-coaled broadband Amplifier that features instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and moderate output. Designed for laboratory applications, the 200L, uhen used with a frequency suept signal source provides 200 watts of suept pouer from 1 to 200 MHz. Uhen supplied uith a pulsed RF input, the Model 200L will provide a minimum of 300 uatts of output pouer. Over 500 uatts of pulse pouer is available as shown in the accompanying graph. This highly versatile and reliable unit employs the latest design technology in its all-solid state, lou level stage and vacuum tube final Amplifier. Housed in a stylish, contemporary enclosure, the 200L weighs considerably less than competitive equipment uith similar pouer levels. All operating controls are functionally grouped on the front panel to simplify operator use. These include modern, lighted pushbutton switches for command functions, POWER, STANDBY, and OPERATE, and a control for setting the output level of the Amplifier. Provisions are included to allow blanking of the Amplifier during off periods in pulse operation. Unique protective circuitry developed by Amplifier Research permits operation into any load impedance without shutdown or damage

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GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 G e n e r a l D e s c r i p t i o n ... ... 1-1 1. 2 P o u e r S u p p l i e s ... ... ... 1-1 1.3 S p e c i f i c a t i o n s ... ... 1-1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2 .1 G e n e r a l ... ... 2-1 2.2 A m p l i f i e r O p e r a t i o n ... .2-1 THEORY OF O P E R A T I O N 3.1 I n t r o d u c t i o n . . . . ... ... 3-1 3 .2 G a i n C o n t r o l . ... ... .3-1 3.3 L o u L e ve l A m p l i f i e r ... 3-1 3.4 F i n a l A m p l i f i e r . . . . . ... 3 - 2 3.5 P o u e r S u p p l y . ... . 3 - 3 MAINTENANCE 4.1 G e n e r a l M a i n t e n a n c e . . . . . . . ... .4-1 4.2 D i s a s s e m b l y P r o c e d u r e . . . . . . . ... 4-2 4.3 T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g ... ... .4-3 4.4 S e r v i c i n g E t c h e d C i r c u i t B o a r d s . . ... .4-5


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