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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 214 Аналоговый мультиметр
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Модель: 214
Дата: 1952
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Аналоговый мультиметр

1) The Mode! 214 Electronic Volt-Ohm Meter is constructed very easily with the aidof fully detailed perspective drawings and step-by-step instructions. Before starting the actual construction, it is advisable to study the schematic and pictorial wiring diagrams until all of the steps are clear in your mind. Do not rush the construction, as careful work will result In a properly constructed instrument in the shortest time. In addition, it is suggested that you run all leads exactiy as shown on the pictorial wiring diagrams, as this will make the wiring an easier job and insure proper operation of the instrument. 2) USE A GOOD GRADE OF ROSIN CORE SOLDER ONLY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ACID CORE SOLDER OR ACID FLUX inasmuch as the acid flux can cause serious corrosion. Before soldering, make certain there is a good mechanical connection. The solder must flow before you remove the soldering Iron as this will prevent rosin joints which are poor electrical conductors. If you are soldering close to a part, hold the ends of a pair of longnose pliers between the part and the solder joint. The pliers will conduct the heat away and prevent the component from being unduly overheated. 3) Carefully unwrap all the parts and check them in the space provided on the parts Hit. Note: In order to maintain the supply of kits and insure prompt delivery, we are forced to buy the same component from several sources (standard manufacturers' parts are Interchangeable). You may find that the value of a component will vary within the allowable circuit tolerance. This means a resistance of 470,000 ohms may be substituted for, or may measure 510,000 ohms, etc. Any part supplied will work as well as the part for which it was substituted. No substitutions will be made on precision components.

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