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Kikusui Electronics Corporation TOS 8700 Другой
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Модель: TOS 8700
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Другой
Описание: Withstanding Voltage Testers
                                    Models T0S8750 and TOS8700 Withstanding Voltage Testers are
for both AC voltage and DC voltage testing, with an AC
output rating of 50Q VA. The TOS8750 is for an AC output of
5 kV, 100 mA (500 VA) or a DC output of 5 kV, 25 mA (125 W)
, and the T0S8700 is for an AC output of 10 kV, 50 mA (500
VA) or a DC output of 10 kV, 10 mA (100 W), and can be used
for withstanding voltage test in compliance with JIS,
Electrical Appliance Control Ordinance, UL, CSA, BS and
other major electrical standards and ordinances. They can be
used for withstanding voltage test (dielectric strength
test) of the various types of electrical and electronic
equipment and components.
The Testers have a G0-N0G0 judgement function, a test result
output function, and a remote control function. The G0-N0G0
judgement function is with a window comparator system. It
generates an NG signal when a leak current larger than the
judgement reference value set on the front panel has flowed
and it also can generate an NG signal when the detected
current is less than 1/10 of the set value. With these
features, G0-N0G0 judgement can be made including to some
extent such abnormal states as open circuiting or imperfect
contacting of test leadwires. Regarding the test result
output function, the Testers deliver a test signal, a GOOD
signal or an NG signal, all of which are contact signals. By
employing the CONOCO judgement function in conjunction with
the remote control function, an automated and labor-saving
withstanding voltage test system can be realized.
The Testers, which employ a hazardously high voltage, are
incorporated with the various provisions for the safety of
the operator and for protection of the Testers themselves
against erroneous operations. The sequence circuit is
designed to be free from erroneous operations caused by
noise, making the Testers highly reliable instruments.
This instruction manual is applicable to both T0S8750 and
T0SS700, Read the items relevant to respective models.

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