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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAB 32-1.2 A Источник питания
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Модель: PAB 32-1.2 A
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Источник питания

The PAB-A Regulated DC Power supply is an automatic constant-voltage/ constant-current transfer type of cower supply with an auto-range display meter (3—1/2 digits, liquid crystal display). The output voltage and output current can be displayed by selecting them with the switch on the front panel. An external voltage also can be displayed with the meter as an input terminal for such signal is provided on the front panel (except the PAB250-0.25A and PAB.350-Q.IA which have no external voltage measuring function). The control circuit is a monolithic IC based circuit. It employs a temperature compensation type of reference diode, metal film resistors of excellent temperature coefficient, and wire wound potentiometers, thereby realizing stable, output characteristics. The output switch is an electronic switch which causes no chattering or other noise and which can be electronically remote-controlled. When the output switch is off, the output voltmeter indicates the value corresponding to the voltage setting knob, facilitating the voltage preset operation. The FINE VOLTAGE setting control can be changed to that for current setting control by changing the internal connector setting. The PAB 11O-O,6a, PAB250-0.25A and PAB350-0.1A have no FINE VOLTAGE setting contrοl. The operation mode is clearly identified between the CV mode (constant- voltage mode) and the CC mode (constant-current mode) with the LEDs on the front panel. In order to be usable as a system component of an automation system, the PAB-A Series Power supply has on its rear panel the remote-control terminals for control of the output voltage or output current with an external control voltage signal. The full-scale adjustment can be accomplished from the front panel. The remote/local selector switch, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance of the power supply when it is used as a system component of an automation system, is provided underneath the output terminals (binding post terminals).

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SECTION I. GENERAL ... , ... 1-1. Description ... 1-2. Specifications ... * Mechanical Outline Drawing ... SECTION 2. OPERATION ... 2-1, Precautions Before Use ... 2-2. Description of Panel Items ... 2-3. Operating Procedures ... 2-4. Modification of FINE Setting Potentiometer ... 2-5. Rack Mount ... SECTION 3. APPLICATIONS ... ... 3-1.. ON/OFF-contro 1 of Output , ... . 3-2. Remote Control of Constant-voltage Output ... 1. Control of Output Voltage With External Voltage ... 2. Control of Output Voltage With External Resistance I . 3. Control o£ Output Voltage With External Resistance II.. 3-3 Remoto Control of constant-current Operation ... 1. Control of Output Current With External Voltage ... 2. Control of Output Current With External Resistance I . 3. Control of Output Current With External Resistance Π 3-4. Series or Parallel Operation ... 56 3-5. One-control Parallel Operation ... 58 3-6. One-control Series Operation ... 61 3-7. External Battery Drive of Digital Meter ... 55 SECTION 4. MAINTENANCE ... 6 7 4-1. Inspection ... 67 4-2. Adjustment and Heter Calibration ... 70 * Schematic


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