Informações do equipamento

Icom AT-120 Sintonizador
Modelo: AT-120
Data: 1988
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Sintonizador
Descrição: HF Automatic Antenna tuner

The AT-120 HF AUTOMATIC Antenna Tuner was developed using both current commercial communications technology and ICOM’s own advanced, state-of-the-art computer technology. It was designed primarily to be used with the IC-M700 series HF SSB TRANSCEIVERS. ASSISTANCE Two separate versions of the AT-120 have been designed for use in the GENERAL and FRANCE: the AT-120 and AT-120E, respectively. The AT-120E is designed for use with the IC-M700/F HF SSB Transceiver and it has a separated emagency tuner. This service manual covers both versions. When using the manual the models can be referred to by the following assigned version numbers: #01: AT-120 (GENERAL version) #02: AT-120E (FRANCE version) “AT-120” refers to both AT-120 and AT-120E in the text unless a note is used to specifically describe a feature of the AT-120E (#02).

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