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Brother MFC-P2000 Tudo em uma impressora
Modelo: MFC-P2000
Data: 1998
Categoria: Equipamentos de informática
Grupo: Tudo em uma impressora
Descrição: Laser printer

This Printer has the following features: Three Functions in One Printer This Printer provides two additional functions, copying and scanning besides the printing function. You no longer need a lot of peripherals and can save space in your office. This is helpful especially for SOHO users. High Resolution and Fast Printing Speed True 600 dots per inch (dpi) with microfine toner and 10 pages per minute (ppm) printing speed (A4 or Letter paper). Enhanced Printing Performance and User-Friendly Operation for Windows The dedicated Printer driver and TrueTypeTM-compatible fonts for Microsoft® Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98 are available on the floppy disk and CD-ROM supplied with your printer. You can easily install them into your Windows system using our installer program. The driver supports our unique compression mode to enhance printing speed in Windows applications and allows you to set various Printer settings including toner saving mode, custom paper size, sleep mode, gray scale adjustment, resolution and so forth. You can easily setup these print options in the graphic dialog boxes through the Printer Setup menu within the Windows Control Panel. Printer Status Monitor with Bi-directional Parallel Interface The Printer driver can Monitor your printer’s status using bi-directional parallel communications. A high quality bi-directional parallel Printer cable to the IEEE 1284 standard is recommended. The Printer status Monitor program can show the current status of your Printer. When printing, an animated dialog box appears on your computer screen to show the current printing process. If an error occurs, a dialog box will appear to let you know what to correct. For example: when your Printer is out of paper, the dialog box will display “No Paper” and instructions for the corrective action to take. Versatile Paper Handling The Printer has a multi-purpose sheet feeder and a straight paper path mechanism. Using this mechanism, you can load A4, letter, legal, B5, A5, A6, and executive sizes of paper, and various types of media including envelopes, organizer paper, or your custom paper size. Easy Copier Operation The copy function is easy to operate. All the operations and settings (scaling, mode, and number of copy settings) can be set on the Scanner control panel. Document Management Application ‘Visioneer PaperPort® LE Software’ (MFCP2000) Visioneer PaperPort® LE Software is a document management application which contains a viewer, editor and filing system and various links to other applications. Visioneer PaperPort® LE Software is a sophisticated application and has widespread industry acceptance and endorsements.

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CHAPTER I : FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS Features, specifications, etc. CHAPTER II : THEORY OF OPERATION Basic operation of the mechanical system, the electrical system and the electrical circuits and their timing information. CHAPTER III : DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY Procedures for disassembling and reassembling the mechanical system. CHAPTER IV : MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING Reference values and adjustments, troubleshooting image defects, troubleshooting malfunctions, etc. APPENDICES :SERIAL NO. DESCRIPTIONS, DRUM LIFE & PAGE COUNTER, DIAMETER / CIRCUMFERENCE OF ROLLERS, CONNECTION DIAGRAMS, PCB CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS, ETC.


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