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MIR Medical International Research Spirolab Espirômetro
MIR Medical International Research
Modelo: Spirolab
Data: 2001
Categoria: Equipamento Médico e Biomédico
Grupo: Espirômetro

The spirometers series MIR 010 are sold with the Spirolab and Spirolab II names. The difference between the two models Spirolab and Spirolab II is that the Spirolab II model includes an LCD colour display and a full International Alphabet Keyboard with 29 characters. In the Spirolab model the display is in Black/White and the keyboard does not include the 29 International Alphabet characters.

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INTRODUCTION INTENDED USE User category Qualification and experience required Operating environment Who must/can make the installation 6 Subject effect on the use of the device Limitations of use - Contraindications IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGS DANGER OF CROSS – CONTAMINATION The turbine The mouthpiece PROBLEMS AND UNFORESEEN ERRORS LABELS AND SYMBOLS Other symbols on the device TECHNICAL FEATURES OF THE DEVICE Parameters measured Technical specifications DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVICE ILLUSTRATION OF Spirolab ILLUSTRATION OF Spirolab II KEYBOARD ILLUSTRATION OPERATING THE Spirometer Charging the battery Switching on the Spirometer Backlight settings Contrast settings Loading the thermal paper Connecting the flow sensor Switching off the Spirometer SPIROMETRY FUNCTIONS INSERT/MODIFY NEW SUBJECT DATA Modify subject data Automatic insertion of a subject FILE SPIROMETRY: FVC, VC/IVC, MVV How to make spirometry testing FVC VC / IVC and breathing pattern MVV SPIROMETRY POST DRUG TESTING 1st case: current subject 2nd case: subject from FILE Physiological test (placebo) VIEWING AND PRINTING THE RESULTS TEST QUALITY CONTROL OF THE SPIROMETRY REPRODUCIBILITY OF THE FVC TEST METHOD OF MEASUREMENT AND INTERPRETATION CONFIGURATION MENU Delete data in memory Print last calibration Turbine calibration Printout header text DATE format: dd/mm/yy UNITS format: cm, Kg Change DATE/TIME Choose operating language Setup parameters Setup printout FIND AND READ TESTS IN MEMORY Subject List Memory List FILE ORGANIZATION MAINTENANCE CLEANING AND STERILIZATION Cleaning the device Cleaning and sterilizing the turbine and mouthpiece holder Verify the free movement of the turbine ON-LINE OF Spirolab II WITH WINSPIRO SOFTWARE PROBLEMS / CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS LIMITED WARRANTY CONDITIONS


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