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Symetrix 420 Amplificador
Modelo: 420
Data: 1999
Categoria: Equipamento profissional da música
Grupo: Amplificador
Descrição: Stereo Power Amplifier

The Symetrix 420 is a two-channel power Amplifier intended for use in professional and commercial audio systems. The 420 may be operated as a two channel Amplifier with 20-watts per channel, or as a single channel Amplifier capable of 40-watts output (mono-bridged mode). The Amplifier is intended for use with near-field monitors, small speakers used for “radio reference” audio-for- video, and with headphones. In stereo mode, the minimum load impedance is 4 ohms, in mono- bridged mode the minimum load impedance is 8 ohms. For convenience, the 420 is equipped with both 1/4" TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) and XLR connectors, which accept either balanced or unbalanced signals. The 420 produces full output with a 0.5V input signal (balanced or unbalanced). The 420 can be used as a stereo Amplifier, with ganged level controls, as a 2-channel Amplifier, with independent level controls, or as a single-channel mono amplifier. The front-panel MODE switch mixes the two inputs together. Broadcast and recording applications can use this feature to check the mono compatibility of their signals. Commercial sound applica- tions can use this feature to mix paging signals or paging and music signals. In recording studios and other similar applications, the 420 makes an ideal headphone Amplifier. You can drive one pair of phones from the front-panel jack, or many pairs from the rear-panel terminals. A front panel switch allows you to turn off the rear-panel Speaker terminals, which is useful for near-field monitor applications or for headphone driver applications.

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Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Operator Safety Summary Chapter 3 Fast Setup Chapter 4 Front & Rear Panel Overview Chapter 5 420 Basics Chapter 6 Using the 420 Chapter 7 Applications Chapter 8 Technical Tutorial Chapter 9 Troubleshooting Chapter 10 Specifications Chapter 11 Warranty & Service Appendix A Disassembly Instructions & Bridged-Mono Mode Switch


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