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Orban 300B Effect Processor
Modelo: 300B
Data: 1971
Categoria: Equipamento profissional da música
Grupo: Effect Processor
Descrição: Stereo Matrix

The Orban/Parasound Stereo Matrix is an instrument of absolutely unique design. It is a new concept, quite as fundamental as a program Equalizer or compressor. Just as a program Equalizer permits you to manipulate the frequency response of a signal, and a compressor permits manipulation of dynamics, the Stereo Matrix permits manipulation of the stereo field through control of the frequency response and the phase response of the two channels with respect to each other. Since the concept of the Matrix is almost totally unfamiliar, it is imperative that the contents of this instruction manual be read and thoroughly understood before the instrument is put into use. Failure to do this can only result in less than optimum results, or even in disaster.

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Língua: Inglês
Data: 12 Março 1971
Qualidade: Scaned documento, todas legível.
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