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Aphex Systems LTD Aphex II Effect Processor
Aphex Systems LTD
Modelo: Aphex II
Data: 1983
Categoria: Equipamento profissional da música
Grupo: Effect Processor
Descrição: Aural Exciter
                                    The Aphex Aural Exciter has become a standard in the music
industry and has been used for years on thousands of albums,
movies, broadcast productions, commercials and concerts. The
Aural Exciter is now accepted as a unique method to achieve
clarity, definition and dimensionality In reproduction of
sound. The program material literally “opens up”, possessing
more detail and intelligibility, as well as greater apparent
frequency and dynamic range. The sound quality Is less
subject to degradation through the various generations and
transmissions from production to final consumer.

The Aphex Aural Exciter achieves these effects by creating a
signal composed of frequency dependent phase shift,
amplitude dependent harmonics, and mixing this signal with
the original.

In any natural acoustic environment a listener will hear the
primary signal as well as slightly delayed, low level
reflections. The phase shifted signal, when mixed back into
the original signal, provides a simulation of these
reflections, thus generating more natural ambient
information. Because the phase shift creates time delays too
short to be perceived as an echo or reverb, it is perceived
as an increase in the impulse
duration. Tests have shown that listener: presented with two
signals of equal amplitude and different duration will
perceive the signal with longer duration as louder.

The Fletcher-Munkm curves show that a listener with normal
hearing is most sensitive to changes in the 3 to 5 KHz
range. This range is critical for directio perception and
intelligibility. Since the Aural Exciter is especially
effective in that frequency range, the increase in detail
and presence, due to the Aural Exciter, is most dramatic.

The only way a listener can differentiate between
instruments is through overtones. The louder the fundamental
the greater the amount of these overtones. The Aural Exciter
generates harmonics ii the same manner. The harmonic
structure of each instrument is thus strengthened, allowing
it to stand out from the other Instruments.

An equalizer can only cut or boost a parti cular section of
the audio spectrum. Therefore, if an equalizer is used to
brighten the high end, all the noise and distortion will
increase also. The high end of the input to the Aural
Exciter can be rolled off and the Aural Exciter will
generate a brighter, cleaner, more natural high end.

Another important difference between the Aural Exciter and
other processing equipment is, the Aural Exciter will not
induce listener fatigue the way large amounts of
equalization or other processing will.

In summary, the total effect of the Aural Exciter Is
directed towards a sound closer to the original acoustic event.

Aphex processing gives the best results and the greatest
flexibility in mixdown applications, but can also be used in
tracking and mastering.

It is best used in a foldback configuration similar to echo
or other external effects, where channel sends can be
individually mixed. If separate monitor, echo or cue sends
are not available, the mix or stereo busses can be used with
reduced flexibility in a "blanketing” effect. It sounds best
if the Aural Exciter pan follows the original track pan.
This is easiest if two post-fader sends are used to Aural
Exciter channels A and B.
The send levels must be high enough for proper harmonic
generation. The return faders should then be set 10 to 20 dB
below the main signal according to the 'desired effect. The
effect is addictive, and discretion is advised so that the
unit is not overused.


The Aural Exciter can be used with most public address
systems in the same manner as studio equipment If separate
echo or monitor sends are not available, the unit can be
connected in series between the mixer and power amp. In this
situation, the Aural Exciter mix would be Introduced into
the chain In the mix pot.

Aphex processing is especially useful in reverberant halls
or halls that have “dead spots'. It will spread the sound
more evenly without adding any level to the total mix. The
unit’s ability to bring voices and instruments out makes it
especially useful for monitor mixing, without increasing


The Aural Exciter has been used on many videotape and motion
picture productions to enhance'the soundtrack by
recapaturing the live feeling
often lost or impaired in location takes . It is unique in
its ability to sharpen dialogue, making voices more
intelligible while retaining their natural quality. The
looping process often required to complete a film or video
work is greatly aided by the use of the unit as the Auraf
Exciter allows the engineering to tie the loop sound much
more closely to the live sound. Theeffect is maintained in
transfer from magnetic tape to optical and kept Intact
through duplication.

Video and film audio are both bandwidth limited and
compressed. The Aphex II is especially useful in creating
the perception of higher frequencies and greater dynamics,
thus bringing more presence and clarity to the final product


For best results, establishing correct levels is important
For that purpose, the dynamic range is internally selectable
to maximize signal to noise ratio for any particular
reference level. Metering reference level Is selectable for
0 VU +0, +4, +8 dBm or user definable position.

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