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Cornell Dubilier Electronics CDR HAM-M Antena
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Modelo: CDR HAM-M
Data: 1967
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Antena
Descrição: Ham Rotor
                                    The Ham rotor is designed to support exceptionally heavy
antenna arrangements used by amateur radio operators» and
provide for rotation of such antennas through a complete 360
degree range. Position of the antenna is indicated on a
meter in the control box.

This rotor is built along the general lines of the original
TR-2 and TR-4 rotors which have been used extensively for
television reception for many years. The weight of the upper
mast and antenna is carried directly in line with the
supporting mast. The rotor, radial and thrust bearings,
electrically operated brake, gear train and indicating
mechanism are specially built into an elongated bell shaped
housing made of aluminium.

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