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RIGOL Technologies, Inc. DG3101A Gerador
RIGOL Technologies, Inc.
Modelo: DG3101A
Data: 2007
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

RIGOL DG3000 Series Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator apply the DDS technology, which can provide stable, high-precision, pure and low distortion sine signal. It also can provide 120MHz square waveform with fast rising or falling edges. Its combination of excellent system features, easiness in usage and versatile functions makes this Generator a perfect solution for your job now and in the future. DG3000 Series Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator have clear and simple Front-Panel. The user-friendly panel layout and instructions, versatile terminals, direct graph interface, built-in instructions and help system has greatly simplified the operation process, with the help of which, users do not have to spend a great deal of time learning and familiarizing the operation of the Generator before they can use it proficiently. The built-in AM, FM, PM, and FSK modulation functions generate modulated waveform at ease, without the help ofseparate modulating source. USB I/O is a standard accessory, while LAN and GPIB are Optional. Remote instructions meet the SCPI specification requirements. From the characteristics and specifications given below, you will understand how DG3000 can satisfy your measurement requirements. a z 16+2 channels digital output module (Optional) together with the analogue channel can rebuild the most commonly used mixed signal in daily practice. z Applying DDS technology provides precise, stable and low distortion output signal. z 4.0’ QVGA color LED display. z 300MSa/s sampling rate, 14-bit resolution. z Frequency characteristics: Sine/ Square: 1μHz to 120 MHz Ramp: 1μHz to 1 MHz Pulse: 500μHz to 50MHz White Noise:10MHz bandwidth (-3dB) Arbitrary:1μHz to 25MHz z 10 standard waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Sinc, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Cardiac and DC. z Self-definable Arbitrary waveform. z Multiple modulation function, various modulated waveform: AM, FM, PM, FSK, PWM, SWEEP and Burst. z Multiple I/O: External Modulation Source, External 10 MHz Reference Input, External trigger source, waveform output, synchronous signal output, Internal 10 MHz Reference output. z Support USB storage device. Software Updating could also be performed using USB devices. z Utmost 1M sample points of internal waveform depth, which can rebuild or simulate any complex waveform. z Remote control is realized using the LAN. Support 10/100M LAN. Users can remotely visit and control signal generation through web browser. z Multiple interfaces: USB Host & Device, RS-232, GPIB (IEEE-488), LAN. z Support the seamless connection of DS1000 Series Digital Oscilloscopes; can directly read and rebuild the stored waveform in the oscilloscopes. z Graph Interface which shows the signal setting directly. z 10 languages user Interface and built-in help system. z Support Chinese/ English Input.

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Safety Notices ... II Rigol DG3000 Generator at a Glance ... V Chapter 1 : Getting Start ... 1-1 General Inspection ... 1-2 Handle Adjustment ... 1-3 The Front/Rear Panel ... 1-4 To Set a Waveform ... 1-8 To Set Modulate/ Sweep/Burst ... 1-12 To Set Trigger/Output ... 1-15 To Use Digital Input ... 1-16 To Use Store/Utility/Help Function ... 1-17 Chapter 2 : Operating Your Generator ... 2-1 To Set Sine Signals ... 2-2 To Set Square Signals ... 2-7 To Set Ramp Signals ... 2-10 To Set Pulse Signals ... 2-13 To Set Noise Signals ... 2-17 To Set Arbitrary Signals ... 2-19 To Generate the Modulated Waveform ... 2-32 To Generate Sweep ... 2-42 To Generate Burst ... 2-46 To Store and Recall ... 2-50 To Set the Utility Function ... 2-64 How to Use the Built-in Help System ... 2-91 Chapter 3 : Application & Examples ... 3-1 Example 1: To generate a Sine Wave ... 3-2 Example 2: To generate a Square Wave ... 3-3 Example 3: To generate a Ramp Wave ... 3-4 Example 4: To generate a Pulse Wave ... 3-5 Example 5: To generate a Noise Wave ... 3-7 Example 6: To generate Arbitrary Waveform ... 3-8 Example 7: To Generate an Arbitrary Waveform ... 3-10 Example 8: To Generate an AM Waveform ... 3-12 Example 9: To Generate an FSK Waveform ... 3-14 Example 10: To Generate a PWM waveform ... 3-16 Example 11: To Generate a Linear Sweep Waveform ... 3-18 Example 12: To Generate a Burst Waveform ... 3-20 Chapter 4 : Prompt messages & troubleshooting ... 4-1 Prompting Message ... 4-1 Troubleshooting ... 4-15 Chapter 5 : Support & Service ... 5-1 Chapter 6 : Appendix ... 6-1 Appendix A: Specifications ... 6-1 Appendix B: DG3000 Series Accessories ... 6-8 Appendix C: General Care and Cleaning ... 6-9


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