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Geloso G 212-TR Transmissor
Modelo: G 212-TR
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Transmissor

The Transmitter G 212-TR has been designed to meet the requirements of amateur com­munications. Even with the limited power it supplies (60 watts imput to the final r.f. amplifier), this Transmitter permits secure and stable communications even under very adverse operating conditions. Its main features are: 1) Outstanding simplicity and rapidity of changing operating frequencies and bands. 2) Variable frequency Oscillator « Clapp » of high stability, and wide-band buffer and doubler circuits. 3) Plate-tuning adjustment of the final r.f. amplifier. 4) Pi-section Antenna coupling circuit, provi­ding a means of matching different an­tenna impedances. 5) Rapid changing from « Phone » to « c.w. » operation, by means of a simple switching arrangement. 6) Modulator equipped with two 807s in push-pull, permitting undistorted 100% modulation, checked by means of a built- in measuring instrument. I t permits full utilization of the available r.f. power. 7) Audio frequency response of the modul­ator particulary adapted to voice transmission; this provides maximum intelli­gibility even under most adverse operat­ing conditions. 8) Rapid changing from transmission to reception by manipulating a simple « Transmit-Receive » switch which simul­taneously switches the Antenna con­nection as well as the plate supplies of Transmitter and Receiver. Both equip­ments start functioning instantaneously because the filaments of the tubes are kept warmed-up all the time. 9) Possibility of « zero-beating» the trans­mitting frequency to the opposite station’s frequency during reception by merely actuating a simple toggle switch which starts the r.f. oscillator/exciter. 10) Possibility of checking the plate voltage and the grid current of the final r.f. Amplifier tube as well as the modulation depth by means of a built-in measuring instrument. 11) Lay-out on a single chassis, enclosed in a sturdy metal cabinet of handsome and modern lines with gray hammertone fi­nish to match the G 209-R Receiver.

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