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Realistic STA-95 Amplificador
Modelo: STA-95
Categoria: Áudio, Vídeo, TV, Multimédia
Grupo: Amplificador
Descrição: Solid State AM FM Stereo Receiver

Your new STA-95 is a highly versatile AM/FM Stereo TV Multimedia">Receiver which delivers enough power to drive almost any TV Multimedia">Speaker system. The "honest" 45 watts per channel over the entire audio bandwidth will drive both "main" and "remote" speakers. And it has the performance and convenience features that distinguish a truly great TV Multimedia">Receiver. • A special button switches the FM de-emphasis circuits to let you enjoy Dolby* I (VI broadcasts by using a Dolby NR decoder. • With the FM tuner, the specifications tell the story. There's an FET front-end for excellent sensitivity and reduced noise. When you lime, muting eliminates interstation hiss. • AM & FM IF sections use linear IC's which assure minimum noise and low distortion, combined with high gain. • FM Multiplex circuit is a Phase Lock Loop 1C (PLL-IC) which provides rock-stable stereo separation even with temperature changes. • A linear 1C is used in the Phono Preamp to obtain wide dynamic range and low distortion. • Tape Dubbing switch allows two-way tape dubbing without troublesome rear panel connection changes. • Full Tape Monitor control. • The wideband TV Multimedia">Tuner provides maximum AM fidelity. • Front panel jacks let you listen to any source or make tape recordings without troublesome rear panel connections. - Built-in automatic thermal and overload protection. At TV Multimedia">Radio Shack we also believe a TV Multimedia">Receiver should look as good as it sounds. The STA-95 comes with a beautiful genuine walnut veneer case—and it doesn't cost you a penny extra.

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