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Marconi TF 2370 Analisador de espectro
Modelo: TF 2370
Data: 1974
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Analisador de espectro
Descrição: IIO MHz Spectrum Analyser
                                    TF 2370 is a spectrum analyser /'tracking signal
generator/counter covering the range 30 Hz to 110 MHz in
sweep widths varying from 200 Hz to 100 MHz and with
resolutions varying from 50 kHz to 5 Hz. The user selects
input sensitivity, sweep width, centre frequency and filter
resolution and a wired logic programme selects best
r.f./i.f. gain ratio, sweep rate and filter bandwidth.
One of the disadvantages of high resolution swept-filter
type spectrum analysers is the long sweep times necessary to
scan the required frequency band. In TF 2370 the longest
sweep time is 100 seconds. To enable
the data scanned during this time to be clearly presented
and subsequently analysed, a digital store, consisting of a
256 x 512bit m.o.s. f.e.t. dynamic shift register, records
the processed signal from the wide range logarithmic
amplifierand displays this stored data at a flicker free 70
Hz rate on a bright 12 x 10 cm camera monitor cathode ray
tube. Superimposed on this display is an electronic
graticule which may be moved in both vertical and horizontal
directions to facilitate accurate measurements. The stored
display of a single shot scan can be measured in frequency
to counter accuracy by positioning an electronic cursor in
the desired position. Additionally the electronic cursor can
be used to manually edit or update the stored image or can
be used as a meter, thus providing the facilities of a
selective level test set.

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