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Electronic Navigation Industries 525LA Amplificador
Electronic Navigation Industries
Modelo: 525LA
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Amplificador

The Model 525LA is a general purpose broadband Amplifier capable of more than 25 watts of linear power output when driven by any laboratory signal or sweep generator frcm 1.0 to 500 MHz. In ultra linear Class A design, the 525LA will "boost" the output of any signal source by a flat 50 dB (±1.5 dB) and provide its full forward output power into any load impedance (frcm an open to a short circuit). Its output is a faithful reproduction of the input waveform for AM, EM, SSB, CATV, pulse and Other complex modulations. Although specified only over the 1.0 to 500 MHz frequency range the Amplifier is typically usable frcm 0.5 to 520 MHz. fin integral Power Supply and cooling system permits operation over a wide band of temperature and AC line conditions. 1.2 SPECIFICATIONS Physical and electrical specifications are listed in Table 1.1. 1.3 INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION Each Amplifier is identified by a serial nunber tag on the back panel of the unit. Both the model number and serial nunber should be given in any correspondence with the company. The use of stud mounted UEF transistors on microstrip circuit borcls makes the 525LA both reliable and easy to service.

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