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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAB 18-5.5 Fonte de alimentação
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modelo: PAB 18-5.5
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Fonte de alimentação

Kikusui PAB Series Regulated DC Power Supplies are compact, light, transistorized series regulator type, and provides larger current rates for its sizes, The output voltage is finely variable for a range of 0 to the rated voltage with a 10™turn potentiometer or a combination of coarse and fine adjustment potentiometers. A voltmeter and an ammeter are mounted on the front panel. To guard against overload and shorting of the output circuit, PAB Series are incorporated with a constant-current-type current limiting circuit which operates positively. The limiting current value is continuously variable for a range of 10^ ~ 100^ of the rated current, and PAB Series can be used as a constant-current power supply. Two units of the same model can be operated in parallel in a one-control node (master-slave mode) of operation, thereby doubling the output current rating. Up to two units can be installed on a 19-inch standard rack, using the frame and mounting brackets which are available as options.

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1. GENERAL ... 1 2. SPECIFICATIONS ... 2 5. EXPLANATION OF PANEL ITEMS ... 4 4. OPERATION METHOD ... 7 4.1 Operation ... 7 4.1.1 Single Operation ... ? 4.1.2 Series Operation ... 7 4.1.5 Overload Protection when in Series Operation .. 8 4.1.4 Parallel Operation ... 9 4.2 Conditions of Use ... 12 4 «3 Voltage Drop by Ammeter ... 12 4.4 Current Limiting Circuit ... 12 4.5 Remote Control ( PAB 18-5.5 only ) ... 14 5. MAINTENANCE ... - ... 16


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