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Hewlett Packard xb3000 Notebook Expansion Base Caderno
Hewlett Packard
Modelo: xb3000 Notebook Expansion Base
Data: 2007
Categoria: Equipamentos de informática
Grupo: Caderno
Descrição: Notebook Expansion Base
                                    The HP xb3000 Notebook Expansion Base provides an efficient,
less-cluttered work environment, improved cable management,
and wireless peripherals. It eliminates the need to purchase a
separate monitor, external speakers, USB hub, and a wireless
keyboard and mouse kit.

■ Adjustable height
■ External AC adapter (charges docked computer)
■ Support for display panel sizes up to 43 cm (17 inches) wide
■ Altec/Lansing ported speakers
■ Wireless keyboard, mouse, receiver (select models only)
■ Hard drive bay and power connector
■ Security slots (2)
■ Infrared pass-through support
■ Lights (power, good dock, mute)
■ Volume control wheel with mute button
■ Connectors:
❏ Expansion cable
❏ Audio-out (headphone) connector
❏ Audio-in (microphone) connector
❏ Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 connectors (6)
❏ Power connector
❏ Component video jacks
❏ S-Video-out
❏ Composite video jack
❏ S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) audio connector
❏ External monitor port
❏ RJ-45/Ethernet port
❏ Hard drive power connector

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This guide is a troubleshooting reference used for maintaining a
nd servicing the HP xb3000 Notebook Expansion Base. It
provides comprehensive information on identifying expansion
base features, components, and spare parts; troubleshooting
problems; and performing disassembly procedures.

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