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Electro-Voice 420 Microfone
Modelo: 420
Categoria: Áudio, Vídeo, TV, Multimédia
Grupo: Microfone
Descrição: Microphone stand
                                    DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATIONS
Models 418 and 419. These desk stands are styled to give a
modern, pleasing appearance while supplying an appropriate
base to hold the microphone to prevent tilting and toppling
The 418 stand is to be used with microphones having small
studs, such as models 61 1, 623, 630, 636, 641, 674, 911,
and 951. Models 644 and 664 produced after spring 1968 are
also equipped with small studs.
Model 419 desk stand is to be used with microphones, such as
the 665, having large studs, and large- stud-equipped models
644 and 664 produced before spring 1968.
Models 418S and 419S, equipped with a long-life leaf switch,
are available for use where “on-off’ switch or relay control
is desired. The switch consists of two separate single-pole,
single-throw switch sections controlled from a single
three-position lever. Both switch sections are “open” in the
center switch-lever position.
The switch lever is locked in the “up” position, where one
switch section is closed. The lever is non-locking in the
“down” position, where the other switch section is closed.
Models 418G and 419G, gold-finished, are available to match
models 636G, 664G, and 674G.
Model 420. The 420 desk stand is specifically designed for
use with Electro-Voice models 666, 655C, 654A, 676, and
other microphones with a one-inch diameter.
Model 420G, gold-finished, is available for use with the
676G microphone.
Model 423A. The model 423A comprises a five-inch stem riser
and a sturdy, round die-cast base which rests firmly on
rubber base buttons. The stand, finished in nonreflecting
gray, is made for microphones with a 5/8” -27 thread connection.

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