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Hewlett Packard 1630G Logic Analyzer
Hewlett Packard
Modelu: 1630G
Data: 1986
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Logic Analyzer
                                    Logic analyzers perform trace measurements . The HP
1630A/D/G models are interactive state and timing
analyzers for use in the design and troubleshooting of
microprocessor based systems . An analyzer traces
activity from several points during a period of system
operating time. Theanalyzer may perform both state and
timing measurements together and interactively control the
capture of information in each of these two
General Information Model 1630A/D/G
The analyzer can perform overview measurements with which
the performance of code modules in softwareintensive
systems may then be analyzed . Overview measurements
available in all three 1630 models include
state and time interval histograms. The 1630G has added
overview measurement features that enhance the
state label histogram andallow time position and linkage
measurements . Thelogic analyzers can be described
as having two basic functions, that of state and timing, and
have special features in each function which are
listed below.

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This manual applies directly to instruments with serial
numbers prefixed:
1630A;2812A 1630D;2812A 1630G;2812A 1631 A; 2811A 1631D; 2811A
With changes described within, this manual also applies to
instruments with serial prefixes:

1630A; 2242A through 2715A 1630D; 2234A through 2720A 1630G;
2415A through 2602A 1631 A; 2451A through 2714A 1631D; 2446A
through 2713A

SECTION I, GENERAL INFORMATION. This section contains a
description of this manual and the HP 163X logic analyzer
family. This section also gives specifications and
recommended test equipment for the logic analyzers.

SECTION II, INSTALLATION. Section II explains how to prepare
the Logic Analyzers for use.

SECTION III, OPERATION. Operation of the HP 1630A/D/G and HP
1631 A/D is outside the scope of this service manual.
Section III does give a brief description of front panel
controls and information about configuration of the logic
analyzers for IHP-IB and HP-IL operation. For complete
operating instructions see the Operating Manual.

SECTION IV, CONFIDENCE TESTS. This section concerns the
execution of software-based function verification Self Test
(ST) tests, which includes the interpretation of status
codes to verify correct operation.

SECTION V, ADJUSTMENTS. The logic analyzers require several
adjustments that can be done with an oscilloscope,
voltmeter, programmable signal source and controller; these
adjustments are covered this section.

SECTION VI, REPLACEABLE PARTS. This section contains
ordering information and a parts list for all models of the

information which describes changes to the instruments and
how to find proper documentation for the instrument being

SECTION VIII, SERVICE. The Service section is divided into
eight subsections. The first subsection covers the overall
system. This includes system theory, and which service group
to reference with a failure. The service groups focus on
individual subsystems. Information in these groups includes
block and component level theory, mnemonics, and schematics
relating to that subsystem.

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This manual applies to Models 1630A/D (Option 007) and all
1630G instruments. It also applies to 1630A instruments serial
prefixed 2424A and below, and 1630D instruments serial prefixed
2428A and below.

This manual describes how to operate the Hewlett-Packard
Models 1630A, 1630D, and 1630G Logic
Analyzers. The three analyzers operate the same, but each
have different configuration capabilities. The
1630G is the latest configuration with added performance
measurement capabilities that are not possible with
the 1630A or 1630D logic analyzers. The differences are
described, wherever applicable, throughout this
manual . This first chapter describes the physical and
electrical characteristics of the analyzer. At the end of
this chapter are two tables: one lists the analyzer
specifications guaranteed by HP, and the other lists the
analyzer operating characteristics.
Chapter 1
General Information
This manual contains instructions and information to help
you install and operate the logic analyzer. It shows
how to assign labels in the format specification to identify
signals from the input probes, and how to assign
symbols to represent values found on those labeled inputs.
Chapter 2 describes how to set up the logic analyzer for
use. Directions are given for connecting the probe
cables to a system under test and initiating the analyzer
self test .
Chapter 3 contains a menu map and afront panel keyboard
description. The menu map helps to put the overall
operation of the analyzer into perspective . Page numbers
are given byeach menu to reference the description
of the menu in the manual .
Chapter 4 of this manual is State Measurements . The basic
state measurements, from taking a trace in a freerun
mode to selective tracing, is explained in a step-by-step
process .
Chapter 5 contains the software performance analysis
measurements . Although these measurements are
state measurements, an entire chapter is devoted to them
because of the complexity of overview analysis .
Chapter 6 is a description of the timing measurements .
Simple timing measurements are described in a stepby-
step process.
Chapter 7 describes interactive state/timing measurements .
Chapter 8 is a description of the system peripheral menus of
the 1630A/D and the 1630G.
Chapter 9 contains the instructions used for programming the
1630 logic analyzers via HP-113 or HP-IL.
Appendix A contains all the possible display messages that
may appear on the analyzer screen . An HP-113
overview is given in Appendix B for use as a reference for
programming over the HP-113 . Appendices C, D, and
E explain using a printer, tape memory, or disc memory
accessories with the logic analyzer.

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