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Whirlpool ADG 758 Zmywarka
Modelu: ADG 758
Data: 2003
Kategorii: Elektronika domu
Grupa: Zmywarka
Opis: Dishwasher integratable
                                    Technical data

Height 82.0 - 87.0cm
Width 44.8 cm
Depth 57.0 cm
Weight 43 kg

Wooden door for Full Door appliances
Thickness min. 16 mm
Thickness max. 20 mm
Width min. 442 mm
Width max. 448 mm
Height min. 650 mm
Height max. 720 mm
Weight min. 2.5 kg
Weight max. 6.2 kg
Max. stick out over lower
edge of appliance door 90 mm
Height of plinth min. 93 mm

Electronic boards
Service boards see spare part list

Succession of programs
Programs see program diagram
Succession Prewash, cold
Delicate 45°
Bio/ Eco 55°
Normal 65°
Intensive 65°

Datas Energy Label
Reference program Bio/ Eco 55°
Energy Performance B
Cleaning Performance A
Drying Performance B

Refill rinse aid
Refill salt

Delay function

Program information
End - Acoustic signal
All programs will be locked after start. Changing
the program or finishing the program will be
possible only after pressing the start button for
longer then 1.5 sec. (Break by customer)
A switching off the appliance or unplug the
appliance for a while, this will frozen the program
step and later on, the program continuos on the
same position.
Exception: Switching off the appliance or unplug
the appliance during the drying phase, this will lead
directly to the end of the program.

Detergent 5+25 gr
Clear rinse containing 140 ccm
Rinse dosage per step 1 ccm
Capacity 9 stand. place settings
Water connection up to 60 °C

Water pressure
Inlet pressure 0.5 - 9 bar
Spray pump pressure ~ 0.3 bar

Spray pump motor 2850 ± 20RPM
Drain pump motor 2500 RPM

Electrical base data
Voltage 220 - 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Total power 2.2 kW
Fuse 10 A

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This documentation is only intended for qualified technicians who are aware of the respective
safety regulations.

Technical data 2 - 3
Spare part list 4 - 5
Exploded view 6 - 9
Wiring diagram 10
Circuit diagram 11
Text/Legend 12 - 13

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