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Gould 400 series Oscyloskop
Modelu: 400 series
Data: 1990
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Oscyloskop
Opis: Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

The Gould 400 series instruments are Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs). They include all the features expected of advanced modern oscilloscopes designed for the professional engineer, whilst retaining the user-friendliness essential for those learning to use such instruments for the first time. The 400 range consists of three basic models; the 400 the 420 and the 450. All versions can be fitted with a battery unit which provides the instrument with a fully automatic built in Nickel Cadmium battery and charger which allows uninterrupted operation of the DSO in the event of an AC supply failure and complete operation independent of an AC supply. Obtaining a trace is especially simple - just connect the signal and press the Auto Setup button - the 400 does the rest. Having obtained a trace, readily accessible datum lines and a cursor make it easy to take automatic timing and voltage measurements directly from the display. On the 420 and 450 models, the waveform processing function increases the power of the cursor measurements in terms of both capture and post storage analysis and measurement functions. The innovative use of ergonomically designed pressure sensitive push button controls provides a combination of precision and flexibility for ease of operation. More advanced features of the 400 series include a comprehensive range of menu-controlled functions. For example, the Display and Trigger menu operates features such as the trigger delay and pretrigger display functions. The pretrigger display function allows the signal prior to the trigger point to be captured and displayed. Three complete traces can be stored for future use and recalled to the display via the Save Trace and Recall Trace menus respectively. With the built in battery back up facility, these will be retained even when the instrument is switched off. In addition to the above features, the 420 and 450 instruments have a built in 4 colour plotter and a battery backed Real Time Clock. This provides a simple and convenient method of obtaining permanent hard copy plots of the screen display. The plots will contain the date and time of acquisition together with the date and time of plotting. The 450 has all the features of the 420 and has a signal bandwidth of 50MHz and an extra timebase range of 50ns/div

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Contents Introduction Getting Started 1 Advanced Features 2 The Menus 3 Performance Checking 4 Waveform Processing 5 Battery Unit Operation 6 Alphabetical Summary 7 Appendix 1 Error Messages A1 Appendix 2 Specification A2 Appendix 3 Remote Operation A3 Appendix 4 Front & Back Pictures I Service Facilities


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