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Wavetek 154 Generator
Modelu: 154
Data: 1980
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Generator
Opis: Programmable waveform generator

The Model 154 Programmable Waveform Generator is a precision source of sine, square and triangle waveforms covering a frequency range from 0.001 Hz to 10 MHz. In addition, a calibrated, programmable dc voltage output is provided. Amplitude, frequency and dc level may be digitally programmed with three digit resolution. Amplitude, frequency and dc level may also be modulated by an analog control voltage. The Generator may be operated in continuous, triggered or gated modes. All controls may be locally or remotely programmed. All programming is DTL/TTL compatible. 1.2 PHYSICAL AND ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1.2.1 Versatility Output Signals DC voltage, Sine , Square and Triangle selectable, with auxiliary pulse output. Frequency Range 0.001 Hz to 10 MHz in 10 decade ranges, with 3 digit resolution. Main Output DC voltage, ±0.1 Vdc to 10 Vdc at 100 mA maximum. Output impedance less than 1Ω. ^ , Tj , ,0.001V peak to peak to 10 V peak to peak into 50Ω load. Output impedance 50Ω, All waveforms may be offset 5 V above or below ground level with 3 digit resolution and selectable polarity. Signal level plus offset voltage not to exceed ±7.5 V peak into 50Ω load. Auxiliary Output 50% duty cycle pulse at Generator frequency. Fixed amplitude, 0 to +6 V peak into open circuit (0 to 3 V into 50Ω). Operating Modes Continuous, trigger, or gated mode, selectable. The Generator may be triggered to produce single cycles by pushbutton trigger or external trigger command. Any discrete number of cycles will be produced by applying a gate signal for the desired burst width when in the gated mode. Minimum voltage required for trigger = +3 V. 50 V can be applied without damage. Analog Modulation Control The frequency, amplitude and dc offset level of the Generator can be independently controlled by an external voltage. The control can be dc programming or wideband modulation.

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This manual provides descriptive material and instructions for the installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of this instrument. Wavetek's product improvement program ensures that the latest electronic developments are incorporated in all Wavetek instruments by the addition of circuit and component changes as rapidly as development and testing permit. Due to the time required to document and print instruction manuals, it is not always possible to incorporate the more recent changes in the released manual. In this case, data will be found on engineering change sheets at the rear of the manual. If no change sheets are included, the manual is correct as printed. iv


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