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Keithley 7002 Interfejs
Modelu: 7002
Data: 1993
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Interfejs
Opis: Switch System

Features Some important Model 7002 features include: • High Density Switching Up to 400 channels (or matrix crosspoints) per mainframe using 10 switching cards. • Switching Cards In addition to the switching cards designed specifically for the Models 7001 and 7002 (i.e. Models 7011, 7012, 7013 and 7014), you can use the switching cards that were originally designed for the Keithley Models 705 and 706 scanners. • Analog Backplane Can be used to internally connect the rows or banks of a Model 701X series card installed in one slot to the rows or banks Model 701X series cards installed in the other slots. • Close/Open or Scan The Model 7002 can simply close and/or open one or more channels, or scan through a specified list of channels. • Channel LED Display The real-time LED display monitors the state (closed or open) of all available channels. • Memory Up to 500 channel patterns (pattern of open and closed channels) and 10 customized instrument set- ups can be saved in memory for later recall. • IEEE-488 Bus Bus operation conforms to the IEEE- 488.2 and SCPI standards. • Trigger Link New trigger concept to provide more versatile and precise external triggering. This is in addition to the standard in/out BNC external triggering technique. •An optional light pen provides point and click programming from the front panel.

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