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Medical Research Laboratories Inc. MRL Pic System System monitorowania
Medical Research Laboratories Inc.
Modelu: MRL Pic System
Data: 2001
Kategorii: Wyposażenie medyczne i biomedyczne
Grupa: System monitorowania
Opis: Monitor/ Defibrillator/Pacer

The MRL PIC System is an extremely flexible device that incorporates an ECG monitor, Defibrillator (manual or semi- automated), external pacer, pulse oximeter, and a non-invasive blood pressure/respiration monitor. The PIC System's small and lightweight design makes it ideal for transport situations or for use in and out of the hospital. All MRL PIC products include a 6.4” VGA display and an annotating chart recorder. An integral paddle tray/AC supply, shown on the MRL Lite, is optional on all units. MRL PIC System The MRL PIC System is a multi-parameter Monitor/ Defibrillator/Pacer. Standard functions for the PIC are ECG, DEFIB, PACER, and RESP. Upgradeable options include 12-Lead, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, AED, CO2, IBP, Voice Memo, Fax, and Data Record/Review. Display options include EL, Color TFT, and Mono LCD. Acceptable batteries include the SmartPak Plus TM and SuperPac. MRL PIC Monitor The MRL PIC Monitor standard functions are ECG and RESP. Upgradeable options include 12-Lead, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP, CO2, and IBP. The PIC Monitor uses a monochrome LCD display. Acceptable batteries include the SmartPak, SmartPak Plus, and SuperPac. MRL Lite The MRL Lite is a Monitor/Defibrillator Pacer. Standard functions for the Lite are ECG and DEFIB. Upgradeable options include Pacing and Advisory. The Lite has a monochrome LCD display. Acceptable batteries include the SmartPak , SmartPak Plus , and SuperPac . A PCMCIA data card is not available for the Lite.

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