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Mindray Datascope Passport V System monitorowania
Modelu: Datascope Passport V
Data: 2009
Kategorii: Wyposażenie medyczne i biomedyczne
Grupa: System monitorowania
Opis: Patient Monitor

This patient monitor is intended to be used for monitoring, displaying, reviewing, storing, and transferring of multiple physiological parameters including: ECG, respiration (Resp), temperature (Temp), SpO2, pulse rate (PR), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), invasive blood pressure (IBP), End tidal CO2 value (EtCO 2) and anesthetic gas (AG) of single adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.

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Stron: 132
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Język: Angielski
Podręcznik numer: 0070-10-0705
Data: 01 styczeń 2009
Jakość: Dokument elektroniczny, bez skanowania, bardzo dobrze czytelne.
Data wysłania:
MD5: 7793a753c31ed355480120f48cf4818a
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The Passport V Service Manual is intended as a guide for technically qualified personnel during repair and calibration procedures. This publication may have been updated to reflect product design changes and/or manual improvements.


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