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Yamaha PM1200 Mikser
Modelu: PM1200
Kategorii: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Grupa: Mikser
Opis: Proffesional Audio Mixing Console

The Yamaha PM1200 mixing console has been designed primarily for sound reinforcement applications, but its versatility makes it suitable for other applications, including sophisticated broadcast and recording systems. Features include: • Two different types of input channel in the same mixing console-single-input for Microphone inputs and mono line sources, and two-input for stereo sound sources at both Microphone and line levels. This enables more flexibility in working, and more inputs to be handled efficiently in less desk space. • 2 pads and a rotary gain control on each input channel, allowing 0, -10, -20, or -30 dB of pad in addition to up to -40 dB of continuous adjustment. • +48 V phantom powering individually switchable on each input channel. • Single Input channel insert points, allowing Post-EQ compression, gating, etc. • Clip and signal indicators on each channel, which are jumper-selectable as pre- or post-EQ indicators. • 4 AUX sends which may be selected from the front panel as pre- or post-fader. Two stereo AUX returns may be routed to pairs of output groups or to the stereo mix. • Three-band EQ with sweepable MID frequency (350 Hz-5 kHz) on single-input channels, and two-band EQ on stereo input channels. All channels feature a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter. • Four output groups with insert and SUB IN facilities. • A sophisticated flexible muting system, allowing 4 independent combinations of input channels to be chosen for muting. • A flexible CUE/SOLO facility, giving complete control over monitoring of signals. • ON/OFF switches (with illuminated indicators for an instant visual check) for each input channel, AUX send, group, and stereo master, making for easy silent muting of inputs and final output. * Durable, long -throw, conductive plastic calibrated faders give smooth, easy dynamic control over the mix. * Two PM1200 mixing consoles may be linked together (via the full SUB IN facilities), and the muting, cue, and solo facilities may also be linked, providing control from one "master" console. * Talkback can be routed to groups, the stereo mix, or the AUX outputs. A1 kHz line-up oscillator is also provided. * XLR-3 type connectors provide balanced inputs and outputs, wired in accordance with DIN standards, with shield (earth) to pin 1, "hot" to pin 2 and "cold" to pin 3. SUB inputs use 1 /4-inch phone connectors, and INSERTS are TRS phone connectors.

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INTRODUCTION ... 3 INSTALLATION ... 4 FRONT PANEL OPERATIONS ... 5 Single Input Channel ... 5 Stereo Input Channel ... 8 Master Section ... 10 Stereo Master and Talkback, Aux Returns, Mute Master, etc ... 12 CONNECTIONS ... 15 THE PW1200 Power Supply ... 18 OPERATING TIPS ... 21 SYSTEM EXAMPLES ... 22 JUMPERS • OPTIONS ... 24 INPUT/OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS ... 25 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ... 26 DIMENSIONS ... 27 BLOCK DIAGRAM, LEVEL DIAGRAM


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