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EDC Electronic Development Corporation CR103 Zasilanie
EDC Electronic Development Corporation
Modelu: CR103
Data: 1979
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Zasilanie
Opis: DC Voltage and Current Standard
                                    1.1.0	GENERAL DESCRIPTION

1.1.1	The Model CR103 is a versatile combination of a

high accuracy DC current source, a high accuracy DC Voltage
source and calibrator, combined in one instrument.

1.1.2	The unit is laboratory calibrated against a primary
measuring system, having an absolute error of less than
lOppm. The saturated standard cells used are certified, and
are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards, having

a long history of documented Stability.

1.1.3	Current and voltage calibrator controls are obtained
through front panel rotary and decade switches.

No trims of adjustments required between Calibration Cycles.
Adjustment settings are made at final calibration and are
fully described under calibration procedures.

1.1.4	The circuitry is completely solid state packaged

in discrete, hybrid and integrated circuit modules. These
are proven circuits, using derated components to insure
maximum reliability. Major discrete circuits are packaged on
etched glass epoxy boards, so that the instrument can
withstand abnormal environmental conditions.

The instrument is also overload and short circuit protected.

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Data: 01 styczeń 1979
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General Description and Application
Operation of Instrument
Front Panel Control
Theory of Operation
Basic Circuitry (Block Diagrams)
Chopper Stabilized Amplifier
Mathematical Model
Overload Protection
Overload Indicator
Parts Layout and Schematics
Certificate of Traceability to N.B.S.

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