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Tektronix 115 Generator
Modelu: 115
Data: 1968
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Generator
Opis: Pulse Generator

General The Type 115 Pulse Generator is a multi-purpose instrument which generates pulses with a variety of controllable characteristics. It has a maximum repetition rate of 10 MHz, a maximum amplitude of ±10 volts and a minimum risetime and falltime of 10 ns. Those pulse characteristics which are controllable are: the repetition rate, width, amplitude, risetime, falltime, DC offset and polarity. Its five modes of operation include on undelayed pulse, a delayed pulse (with a calibrated delay), paired pulses, an externally triggered burst of pulses and an externally gated burst of pulses. In addition to the output pulse, there is an undelayed and a delayed trigger output. The following specifications are valid for instruments operated at an ambient temperature of from 0°C to +50°C after an initial warm-up period of 20 minutes, when previously calibrated at a temperature of +25°C ±5°C. Section 5, Performance Check and Calibration Procedure, gives a procedure for checking and adjusting the Type 115 with respect to the following specification. Type 115 Mod 146B This manual also pertains to the Type 115 Mod 146B. The Type 115 Mod 146B is identical to the standard Type 115 except that it is shipped without o cabinet and with a coiled, detachob'e power cord (Tektronix Part No. 161-0031-00) and power cord connector receptical (Tektronix Port No. 331-0102-00). See Section 9 for rackmounting instructions.

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Typ instrukcji: Serwis i User Manual Tektronix-8947-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Stron: 137
Rozmiar: 22.25 Mbytes (23332535 Bytes)
Język: Angielski
Podręcznik numer: 070-0786-00
Data: 01 styczeń 1968
Jakość: Skanowany dokument, wszystko czytelne.
Data wysłania:
MD5: 452bb16606b2f4e6b23ecdd8b7e856cc
Pliki do pobrania: 118 od 23 kwiecień 2017

Specification Operating Insructions Circuit Description Maintenance Performance Check and Calibration Procedure Abbreviations and Symbols Parts Ordering Information Electrical Parts List Mechanical Parts List Information Mechanical Parts List Diagrams Mechanical Parts List Drawings Accessories Mod 146B and Rackmounting


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